Canberra Show- I’ve posted the entry form…

My friend Leeanne has set the challenge!

It’s been a while since I entered into a show so it’s time. I posted my application today. I’ve signed up for several sections so it will be a busy week leading up to the delivery date of 26th February. I have been working on my Rich Fruit Cake for quite some time and the tasting panel reviews have been positive.

The local show here is 2 weeks later. OMG! Bring it on! Wish me luck…I will let you know how I go.

Do you have an entry in the Canberra Show? I will see you there.

If you are thinking about it, here is the link and don’t muck around as the entry deadlines are imminent!

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Mrs D

I live with my Husband Mr D on 100 acres in the Snowy Mountains region of NSW. This blog is about our life together. We have 2 adult children (they don't live at home anymore) who I will refer to for the time being as B1 and B2 (references to Bananas in Pyjamas). Feel free to visit often.

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