January 2015: Done and Dusted

Its been a big year already and it’s only just turned February!

The garden is going great guns. So far the harvest has included strawberries, LOTS of zucchinis, lebanese cucumbers, apples, golden nugget pumpkins and various herbs (basil, coriander, parsley, chives and sage).

We have many new chicks of varying ages. A lot of mixed breed and quite a few Barnevelders. They are cute however they are very demanding and did I mention that they shit everywhere? Fertiliser right?


The new rock wall is coming along however Mr D has torn a muscle in his leg and had to give it a rest. Orders from the physio.


We had an extra dog staying while friends had a well deserved break in Tassie. There were 3 dogs (we also have B1’s dog) in total. Made life interesting. I installed a ‘boot camp style’ regime and it worked out. I repeated all commands many times. Hilarious looking back. The photo below is the wait for dinner.


The dogs and I walked every day otherwise they were crazy from lack of activity. I enjoy a walk as well. Well I did until my brown snake boob plant (boobs saved me from a face plant) experience. That is a post for another day!


B1 and B2 both moved house. IN THE SAME MONTH!

Lots of January birthdays. One special birthday (all birthdays are special of course) for a close friend’s son J turning 21. It was a small gathering and I just happened to be in Sydney to be part of it.


Mr D and I rediscovered mango daiquiris due to a very timely glut of mangoes. B1 bought a tray from work as part of a fundraising drive and despite all efforts (chutney, curry etc) we resorted to mango daiquiris. I know it was awful! Just awful!


There was of course the weed spraying. St John’s Wort. It’s worth something to someone however here it is a council fine if we don’t deal with it. Would love it if all of our neighbours were on the same page. Mr D would be out on the tractor spraying and I would be wading through grass taller than me (which is not difficult) with my 10 litre backpack.


Then there were decisions about future renovations. The floor in the kitchen and living area is probably the most pressing because at the moment there is cork that we have started to chip away and don’t even mention the disgusting brown carpet. So I ventured into town to collect floor samples and after some trick photography, this is what I came up with. Just waiting for them to quote. I like!


And then every now and then we get to sit down and enjoy the view! And we have a great view!

WP_20150131_15_43_48_Pro WP_20150131_16_11_02_Pro WP_20150121_12_38_07_Pro

Bye January!

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