Yahoos at Concerts- Nothing to do with search engines!

I’m not sure how you feel about people who yell out or whistle (two fingers in each corner of the mouth type of whistle) at concerts however apart from the fact that it hurts my ears, I just think it is plain rude and in no way complimentary to the performer.

In 2013 Mr D and I went to see Tina Arena at the Canberra Theatre. I can HEAR your eyes rolling however I need to let you know right here and now, I am a 70’s and 80’s music girl through and through and I LOVED YTT (Young Talent Time). Moving forward, we sat down next to this woman, we chatted, she was very friendly, well spoken, well dressed (I am definitely not a fashionable person, I am just setting the scene) and we discovered that she was from Melbourne and had moved to Canberra for work etc. I might add at this stage of my argument that she complained about her neighbour’s noisy chooks. I think it may help my case.

So the lights dim, the orchestra/ band begins (I write this because the Melbourne performance was far more elaborate in terms of the orchestra…we have the DVD) and the first whistle (two fingers in each corner of the mouth) comes from this woman next to me, the friendly, well dressed and well spoken one. A beautifully clad Tina Arena has just adorned the stage and I’ve got a closet redneck sitting next to me. OMG! She scared the shit out of me. No warning as she unleashed this ear piercing noise at an unhealthy level of decibels. The surrounding concert goers were not happy either.

Anyway, we get to enjoy the concert for a little while without the raucous and then without warning, a repeat performance. OMFG! I am wondering what Tina thinks. Or is she just used to the yahoos? Anyway, I am so pissed off now and I am thinking this woman’s show of appreciation is probably going to be the death of her. I take a minute, count to ten and I ask her very politely, because we have already established a little bit of a rapport, would you mind just tapping me on the arm when you make that racket again? She tapped once and whistled and then funnily enough I think she tapped and whistled one more time before working out that I was not the only one upset with the noise. Success and very happy ears!

I’m in Sydney staying with B2 listening to Smooth FM 95.3 as I write this post. Tina Arena is singing ‘Wasn’t it Good?’ as I write….

Am I the only one who feels this way? Do you want to tell a loud audience member to STFU? Perhaps just show a little respect?

It was an excellent concert by the way. Thanks Tina Arena. Mr D and I were not disappointed.

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